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Becoming An Affiliate Allows You To…


Have A Solution For Clients Needs – No matter how your clients accept payments we have the most current technologies in place for them.


Gain A Proactive Reputation – Show your clients that you are proactive in finding ways to increase their profitability.  Do you think referrals are higher for those who are proactively helping clients without being asked?  YES, of course the referrals increase.


Refer with ZERO Risk – Everyone you refer is given $1,000 guarantee to see savings, and NO CONTRACTS.  Refer people knowing there going to be well taken care of.  Longterm relationships is our priority!


Continue running your business & we’ll do the same – We don’t expect anyone to change their normal business routine.  The only difference is make an introduction when possible with the clients best interest in mind.  They’ll get a great deal, service, and representation.  The rest takes care of itself.​


Earn Additional Money EasilyOur affiliate program is very aggressive in rewarding our referring partners a residual income stream.  By helping your clients create a pipeline of reoccurring savings, you can also create a pipeline of reoccurring income.  We gain accounts.  Everyone wins!

Get an Easy Start to Building Residual Income

While it may sound too good to be true, you can earn money long after the work is done, risk-free, by committing nothing more than a little time and resources you already have. It’s a perfect opportunity for those who are interested in earning extra income and building a residual income stream through part-time or weekend work.

The truth of it is, most people don’t have time to build a business or invest for cash flow because they have either little time or capital, or both.  Becoming an affiliate with The Merchant Service Guy is an extraordinary path to financial freedom if worked correctly.

This is a risk-free way for you to start your journey towards building a pipeline of income (long-term residual income) while supplementing your income now (short-term). In fact, many affiliates can begin covering monthly expenses via RESIDUAL INCOME such as cell phone, internet, car, insurance, etc within months of becoming an affiliate. They simply started so they could earn extra cash, and take their first step toward their OWN financial freedom.

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I’m “The Merchant Service Guy”, and I pride myself in offering our clients top-tier payment solutions and quality service without the BS. The relationships made with our clients are the most important part of our business, and I work tirelessly to ensure your complete satisfaction in all areas of the partnership. Guaranteed!

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